How to upgrade pkgsrc packages

DragonFly has a page on updating pkgsrc, and so does NetBSD.  I don’t think I linked to the latter before, but even if I didn’t, it’s still useful.

3 Comments on How to upgrade pkgsrc packages


  1. Anonymous says:

    So at least 6 options how to update packages and probably only one or two consistent (but not 100%) in the mean that it will update binary and/or ports/pkgsrc.

    Come one. It’s 21st century. We will be repeating same problems as in Linux with number of tools and any of them proper?

  2. Justin says:

    Oh, there’s more options out there. It’s almost a reflex. “Hey, these built-in options don’t work reliably. I’ll invent my own package management tools!”, repeatedly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And here we have real example . Not sure why there must be need for reinventing wheel as one BSD has functional package system and comes from same roots as all other BSD packaging systems.