Have Areca RAID? Now you can use MSI

Thanks to Sascha Wildner, the Areca RAID controller driver, arcmsr(4), now supports MSI.   It should only make things better, but if it doesn’t, you can turn it off.

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1 Comment on Have Areca RAID? Now you can use MSI


  1. Dean says:

    areca makes seriously good raid cards and have good support for FOSS. they are pricey retail, but inexpensive on ebay/onlinestoreofchoice.

    my only gripe is their yucky binary management tool, but its better than most other brands similar tools.

    if you are looking for hard raid on your FOSS system, areca is a good choice.*

    openbsd’s unified approach makes the most sense!

    * I dont work for areca, but i have a dual port in my home desktop and a 16 port in my home fileserver