Fixing X video performance

I’ve seen a few people complain about poor video performance in DragonFly, in Xorg.  If you see a bunch of  “contigmalloc_map: failed …” errors in your dmesg, your video card needs more contiguous memory allocated.  Set vm.dma_reserved to 32M in /boot/loader.conf and you should be set.  If that doesn’t work, try 64M.

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  1. Edward says:

    I think we are in major need of KMS.. I offered to port GEM from the freebsd patch which should be fairly ok, I am just not sure about the VM changes that look fairly trivial though I really need a second opion.. I asked sj and he said he would look, not heard back yet.. He was saying that we should use davids code but i think he is long gone and I really think we should push forward with porting what freebsd has functional already. I can make a start once this session is up..

  2. thomas nikolajsen says:

    This is in drm.4 man page (, which sjg also hinted at in the thread linked.

    it was munged up, as our mail list archiver has problems on some mails,
    something like ‘-‘ first on line)