Lazy Reading for 2012/03/18

I’m making sure I post this Lazy Reading on the right day.  A nice full week’s worth of stuff.

Your unrelated link of the week: Neo Scavenger.  (via)  It’s a game, in Flash, and in beta.  If you like  postapocalyptic survival, it may be for you.

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  1. Re: Bandwidth used when loading different web pages:

    What an interesting link; thanks for that! Good to see that somebody bothered to visualize this. It reflects pretty much my experience of the web significantly slowing down for me once I enable JavaScript, which is why I’ve turned it off by default even in the light of an in my opinion far too large a number of sites over the recent years that are rendered useless by this.

    It is especially annoying that it has become hard to find a web shop that does actually work without that scripting BS without any necessity. It used to be good practice to require web designers to test their creations with several browsers and different settings, but gone seem to be these days and even major websites don’t seem to care anymore.

    The Github bit also explains why I dislike loading their site, since I usually expect sites that only have text on them to load much faster (JavaScript disabled). That Stylesheet crap on the site seems to explain the delay. Than again, at least part of the delay might also be related to their use of HTTPS, which probably involves checks for revoked certificates or somesuch.

    To summarize: It is somewhat sad that large parts of the web got broken by misguided web 2.0 fancyism. Human readable HTML has also become a relict of past days. I’m looking for the web but cannot find it anymore. Should people cease to care about the past and instead enter some walled garden and enjoy the new world? Should web designers care even less?

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