DragonFly 3.0 is out!

See the release page for details.  This release took longer than normal because of a crazy bug hunt, but the payoff is that this version performs better than ever.

Note: The x86_64 GUI ISO image had a problem due to file size (over 2G); redownload if you’ve had trouble booting it.

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14 Comments on DragonFly 3.0 is out!


  1. thomas nikolajsen says:

    Is a release announcement going to users@ ? (didn’t see it yet)

  2. As soon as I can boot and verify that the images work…

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  5. alanr says:

    One Question ? dragon FlyBSD iso GUI is for DVD or USB

  6. ISO = for CD or DVD

    IMG = for USB stick.

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  9. Brad says:

    Excited to try out the improvements. Especially multiproc and hammer support. I saw TRIM support, any other caching improvements we should know about?

  10. Justin says:

    TRIM is the only disk-specific thing I remember. Disk operations should be better overall because of the removal of the lock, though, and if it’s HAMMER.

  11. Dean says:

    Out of curiosity, did someone contact AMD engineering with the cpu bug?

  12. Dean – yes. Matt Dillon passed it to someone at AMD, as far as I know. There hasn’t been anything directly communicated back that I’ve heard of, but then again the only result may be an errata notice.

  13. thomas nikolajsen says:

    Did we need a code change for GUI ISO/img to work? Saw something on our irc channel about libstand fix, but nothing has been committed.

  14. thomas nikolajsen says:

    Re bug fix for GUI ISO: a fix was comitted today by matt, seems like it is this one, thanks.