dragonflybsd.org down

If you’ve noticed the main dragonflybsd.org website being down, that’s because both network connections (on different networks!) serving it are down.  This makes the website unavailable, and the source code, but you can still pull down images, packages, and the like from avalon.dragonflybsd.org.  Hopefully this warning will be out of date soon.

Note: It’s back.

2 Replies to “dragonflybsd.org down”

  1. We have multiple source mirrors, git repos, some also for browsing (gitweb). But links to them are on our web; isn’t a mirror of that is in the works (saw some note recently)?

  2. It’d be easy to mirror the website – it’s in a git repo, so periodic pulls would work fine. We don’t have an explicit failover or redirect set up, which would be useful.

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