New clang 3.0 and DragonFly work

Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado has been working with clang and DragonFly, along with Sascha Wildner.  DragonFly mostly compiles using clang, with lib/citrus being (the only?  one of?) the last holdouts.  Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado detailed how to test it out using clang 3.0 in case someone else wants to help solve this.

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3 Comments on New clang 3.0 and DragonFly work


  1. Great to see alternative compilers being explored. I’m personally torn between Clang and the Portable C Compiler. Clang has _seriously awesome_ error messages and great infrastructure, especially with LLVM and everything, and a fair bit of optimization, but being written in C and simplicity are two strong points in PCC’s favor.

    Oh, well, too much choice is certainly a good problem to have!

  2. Zoey4Ever says:

    Does Dfly (i.e. the kernel) run, too, when compiled with != gcc?