Postgres performance speedups, possibly

Samuel Greear, Jan Lentfer, and others are looking at Postgres scaling on DragonFly.  The work they are doing isn’t in the tree yet, but here’s a graph showing some of the performance differences.

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2 Comments on Postgres performance speedups, possibly


  1. Petr says:

    Would be helpful to describe each of the “updates” in the plot, and what they are.

  2. Samuel J. Greear says:

    Petr, the various patches were tentative and now these results are dated, we perform even better than this in master. I plan to do a comparative graph of past dragonfly versions as well as perhaps freebsd or linux around release time.

    The big takeaway from this is, green is where we were a few weeks ago, purple is where we were a few days ago, and we are doing even better today.

    The big changes between green and purple are: pool locks were added to kqueue subsystem, making the locking there finer grained and the file descriptor table was made finer-grained also.

    The big changes between then and now are that the netisr’s can be messaged fully asynchronously and we have a new/updated userland memory allocator, dmalloc, which hasn’t hit the tree yet.