Dennis Ritchie, RIP

Dennis Ritchie, one of the people behind UNIX and the C language, has died.  (via skullY on #dragonflybsd on EFNet)  Look at his Bell Labs web page for some details on his history.  The death of Steve Jobs will get a lot of media attention, but I’d argue that Ritchie affected more computers in far more ways.

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4 Comments on Dennis Ritchie, RIP


  1. Anonymous says:


    RIP, Mr. Ritchie!

  2. Laurie Mann says:

    I knew Ritchie’s name (and Kernighan’s) before I’d ever heard of Steve Jobs.

  3. Gazza says:

    Where would modern computing be without this guy?

    It’s a sad day for sure.

  4. ThomasL says:

    Requiem in pacem.