Xen ports, and support for it

Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado really wants a port of DragonFly to Xen.  He can’t do it himself, but he did a nice job of writing up the problem, and even found resources to help any developer wanting to take on this task.

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2 Comments on Xen ports, and support for it


  1. Filip says:

    Hi, I am a masters degree student in computer science at University of Warsaw. I am looking for master thesis idea. I am interested in porting Xen to DragonFly BSD.
    I do not have any experience in DragonFly BSD. ( I have a knowledge of operating systems internals, but I have not done any real kernel programming)

    How long it would take to port assuming I could put 30 hours of work per week?

  2. That’s a very hard question to answer.

    That would be a difficult project for Summer of Code, and Summer of Code is about 10-12 weeks long. You’d have to take some time to get familiar with DragonFly, mostly by reading source code. I would guess 15 weeks? That number may be off in either direction.