Lazy Reading for 2011/06/26

Somehow, I ended up with the most concise link listing I’ve ever done, even though I have a pretty good batch here.  Go figure.


2 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2011/06/26”

  1. Can anybody tell my why ‘It’s a Unix System from Jurassic Park’ is in the list of worst ‘hacking’ scenes ever? IIRC they just showed a plain IRIX system with the FSN filebrowser.

  2. 1: Most people think it’s made up.

    2: Those that know it’s real think she wouldn’t have used fsn if she really knew Unix, and she would have been quicker typing in a CLI.

    3: it was just funny how she blurted the phrase out, so it gets used a lot whenever people talk about computers and movies.

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