Padlock warning

Do you have a Via CPU?  Do you use padlock(4)?  (The driver for cryptographic functions, which Via processors support with hardware acceleration)  Alex Hornung made some untested changes to support the hardware random number generator, but he needs people to test it.

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3 Comments on Padlock warning


  1. alexh says:

    The i386 changes have been tested now and work fine. The x86_64 code is purely speculative as there is no documentation from via about what’s different.

  2. alexh says:

    let me update that: works fine (has been tested) on both i386 and x86_64.

  3. Zoey4Ever says:

    There are also some patches for openssl to enable sha1/sha256 support found in newer VIA CPUs. Sadly, they haven’t found their way into openssl (yet) :(