GSoC: dsched BFQ, virtio, LVM mirror

Yay acronyms! Brills Peng was accepted for the Summer of Code project “Improve dsched interfaces and implement BFQ disk scheduling policy” – and now there’s a nice writeup describing what’s planned. Also, Stéphanie Ouillon did the same thing for the virtio drivers project.  Adam Hoka also joined in with a summary for his LVM mirror project.  Please keep this up, students.

2 Comments on GSoC: dsched BFQ, virtio, LVM mirror


  1. Amit Kulkarni says:


    What about license problems in virtio? Is it sorted out now, is the code being ported BSD or something else?


  2. I’ve lost track of it, but yeah, the license problem was for a specific batch of code that’s no longer available. This wouldn’t be it, as I understand.