New ps option

ps now has a new option: -R.  This lists processes in order by parent/child status, and indents to make it visually clear.  It looks like this.  I wish someone had done this 15 years ago.

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2 Comments on New ps option


  1. eirik says:

    I guess this is more or less the same as “–forest” on Linux, which probably is the option I use the most. Wonder how long it takes before anyone in charge of Solaris coreutils discovers the usefullness of this feature.

  2. justanother says:

    You are aware of ?
    I know, no direct comparision because of bloat, but i consider any Linuxinstallation without it as broken. And it really irked me when i had to enable linprocfs just for this, when i used the *bsds.