Quick fix for pkgin

If you’re using pkgin for managing pkgsrc packages, there’s a new bugfix to cover scenarios where there’s an old and new version dependency on the same item, like php between versions 5.2 and 5.3.  It’s described in French, or translated English.  (Thanks, Antonio Huete)

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  1. iMil says:

    Thanks for the news guys !

    Just a quick update, and an (almost) plain english explanation :

    pkgin is on its way, along with the “double dewey match fix” (foo>=1.2.3<2.0), i've corrected another issue dealing with unnecessary package being tagged as "to-remove" when they already are on the upgrade list. I am quite confident that those fixes actually end any dependency problem that could have happened in the past.

    While at it, i've included a mechanism that will handle a case i've been through: if by any chance a package is no more on the repository, pkgin will try to satisfy it's dependencies with local dependencies, and try to keep this non-upgradable package.

    Now about the future. I will branch pkgin 0.4 anytime soon now. It will include three major changes:

    . No SQLite dependency anymore (that's gonna end up some massive trolling i guess)
    . Performance improvements thanks to bapt's 0-copy patches
    . Better MINIX integration

    Thanks for using pkgin and keep the tests going !

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