Revised pkgsrc guide

I’ve drastically revamped the pkgsrc howto on the website.  It’s also linked in that site’s menu, too.  Comments please!

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4 Comments on Revised pkgsrc guide


  1. I would add …/amd64/… as option in setenv PKG_PATH part. There are a lot of synonyms – x64, amd64, x86_64, 64b etc. so it would left no doubts. The more so it would suggest that DFBSD has x64 (aka amd64) release too. Regards.

  2. blinkkin says:

    More useful command for removing work files from building package would be: “bmake clean clean-depends” or CLEANDEPENDS=yes in mk.conf.

    Informations about upgrading packages should be more comprehensive. Copying some parts (about pkg_chk and pkg_rolling-replace etc.) from netbsd-wiki is good idea.

  3. I was kinda iffy on adding that old netbsd wiki article – it’s very good, but I don’t know if that’s its permanent home. There was a new NetBSD wiki on the way where it should show up, but I haven’t seen any activity on that for quite a while… So I guess it wins by default.

  4. blinkkin says:

    There is also great guide about pkgsrc from Linux Magazine France. It’s in French, but still useful. Only pity is license – CC-NC-ND (non commercial use and no derivative works).