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  1. You wrote in that thread: β€˜β€˜The DragonFly Digest lets me read and document what’s going on; I’m surprised that nobody has done the same with any of the other BSDs, really, in the past… 7 years?

    Geez, undeadly.org (back then just deadly.org) has been around for 10 years ( http://www.undeadly.org/cgi?action=about )

    So I’m sorry to disappoint you, you’re not the first one who did this in BSD wonderland :-p

  2. RayOfHope – I wasn’t claiming to be first. I read undeadly, plus there’s sites like Hubert Feyrer’s blog for NetBSD, and FreeBSD – the Unknown Giant, and so on.

    When I say “nobody has done this”, I’m talking about two things. One is actually digesting mailing list traffic. All the BSD projects have mailing lists, but they require a time commitment that most people don’t want to make. That information gets almost locked away in a single format.

    The other thing is actually having daily posts. Things like LWN and Slashdot contribute to the idea of Linux just by being present and talking… on a given day, how many BSD sites have something to show?

    I’ve been able to get probably 2 posts on average a day out of a relatively small project like DragonFly for years; there’s so much activity just on, say, freebsd-hackers, that someone else could do these sorts of daily updates for other BSD flavors easily. But nobody does! It would be good for BSD in general.

    I’d love to cover all the BSDs – there’s so much going on and so many good ideas, but I don’t have enough time to read _that_ much.

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