Even more network changes

A little work has snowballed into even more of the network systems in DragonFly being pulled apart in order to get rid of the Giant Lock.   It may delay the 2.8 release by a week or two, but it’s already paying dividends, such as NFSv3 now performing at maximum physically possible speeds on gigabit Ethernet.

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2 Comments on Even more network changes


  1. RayOfHope says:

    so nfs is now “holy-shit fast”?! nice wording ;) some numbers/benchmarks would be nice though, which FS was used? what nics, etc.

  2. From IRC:

    15:08 < @dillon> I’m getting max transfer rate over NFS on GigE now
    15:09 < @dillon> packets errs bytes packets errs bytes colls
    15:09 < @dillon> 83036 0 123980800 9600 0 1109230 0
    15:09 < @dillon> 82896 0 123880740 9843 0 1125032 0