What of OpenSolaris?

You have probably seen reports declaring the demise of OpenSolaris by now, many taking a less than conservative approach in reporting the news one way or the other. So what do you make of the news? By all accounts, the source code (including future changes) for things such as ZFS will continue to be published under the CDDL. Will Oracle closing up development make it impossible for operating systems like FreeBSD to maintain ZFS without forking it? What do you think the ramifications will be for DragonFly’s HAMMER and DragonFly in general?

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3 Comments on What of OpenSolaris?

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  1. lhmwzy says:

    I still would like HAMMER have some RAID features like ZFS.

  2. sjg says:

    The dm work recently brought in by Alex Hornung is intended to serve in this role.

  3. whoami says:

    Seems like Matt made the right decision when he opted for HAMMER instead of ZFS, anyway I’m glad all this hasn’t become one of DragonFlyBSD’s business and I really hope this will encourage other *BSDs to import HAMMER (it’s really on my wish-list for OpenBSD) and maybe, who knows, even Apple is working on HAMMER+ ;-) right now

    PS: some softraid with “self-healing”-features would be nice nevertheless