Google Summer of Code 2010: it’s on

Google Summer of Code for 2010 is accepting applications from mentor organizations starting March 8th.  Pending acceptance by Google, DragonFly will participate.

If you’ve got ideas, or if you want to mentor (or both!), enter something on the GSOC 2010 page on the DragonFly website.

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3 Comments on Google Summer of Code 2010: it’s on


  1. Lazarus says:

    I can think of a few:

    * Encrypted swap/file-systems

    * Extended tool-chain hardening

    * NX/XD support in kernel (at least for 64 bit kernels, DF doesn’t support PAE IIRC)

    * More use of randomization (like PIDs/whatever)

    * OpenBSD’s most recent malloc implementation as an option (Didn’t DF get a port of the malloc from OpenBSD 3.8 and then ditch it for a port of DF’s own slab code?)

    * Use blf instead of md5 for passwords etc. (already possible, but not default)

  2. Don’t write it here, write it on the page!

  3. Lazarus says:

    Boo hiss, fine ;^)