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Alexander Polakov has suggested that nvi (what you get when you type vi) should be replaced with traditional vi, since that would deliver UTF-8 support, and nvi appears to no longer be updated.  Other than one objection on split screens, I daresay everyone who needs more features treats the system vi as a fallback and has moved to a new editor.  (or that)

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  1. Sammy says:

    What is the reason for not using vim and make a lot of people happy. The majority of vi people prefer vim anyway and since DragonFly already ships with 3rd-party software, like git I guess this wouldn’t be a problem either. It’s also unlikely that vim breaks in pkgsrc, because it is very portable.

    Maybe I missed something.

  2. Vim has the disadvantage that in an emergency situation, where you can’t mount /usr or libraries can’t be loaded, it won’t work. Maybe there’s other reasons, but I don’t know them.