Laptop users, please speak up

Are you running DragonFly on a laptop system?  Please mention the brand and model number on the appropriate page on the DragonFly website. (Also: Laptop tips and tricks, thanks to Alexander Polakov)

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8 Comments on Laptop users, please speak up


  1. Yep, 2 rather lousy dell laptops (D830 and cpx) got dfly here where the old one was easier and the newer is under configuration, dualboot with other os works. Thanks for enabling!

  2. Michael says:

    I’d like to view these links, but everything on the DragonFly website (except the main page) has been down for hours now. :(

  3. Matt’s connection was mangled by the telco that supplies it; I think it’ll be up within 24 hours, but who knows – it’s the phone company.

  4. Fnord says:

    I just tried to boot dfly 2.2.1 on my Dell D420 – it just keeps on stopping
    after finding the parallelport. Hopefully i’ll get the time to look at this issue
    at the weekend.

  5. Anything connected to that parallel port, Fnord? Or elsewhere?

    I recall an older problem where having something connected to the serial port could mess booting up because the computer would be outputting data to the screen and serial at the same time.

  6. rollyx says:

    hi friends,because create DragonFlyBSD desktop with GNUstep is perfect desktop or Etoile is great desktop or use BeOS_API can genial

  7. Fnord says:

    @Justin Sherrill
    Nope, there is nothing connected to the laptop – not even a usb mouse.
    It also does not matter if i use safe mode booting.

  8. Fnord – if you don’t have any luck fiddling with it, bring it to the mailing lists. I was hoping it was an easy answer.