A smattering of C to get started

For those people who use a variety of dynamic languages, but haven’t yet hit C: Just Enough C For Open Source Projects has a brief but comprehensive run through the basic parts.  The page linked is about the presentation, but the slides are available on there as a tarball.  (Via)  I could have used this a few days ago.

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3 Comments on A smattering of C to get started


  1. It’s really great. I have started with C a few months ago and this it what I would have needed. But it’s also great, if you want a Perl/Ruby/PHP/… programmer to help you with your C project.

    Oh and this strange .gzip is a .tar.gz

  2. Vivek Ayer says:

    I thought there was no exponentiation operator in C. Apparently ** is in the tutorial, but I tried it to no avail.

  3. Samh says:

    Vivek, ** is not exponation, it’s a pointer to a pointer.