BSD jails work better

A useful BSD item from the Howling Void: BSD jails found to be more efficient than VMWare in given situations.   I am both pleased and not really surprised.

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  1. This is true to some extent, but the comparison they made is horrid. First you don’t run any sort of production work load in Server, that’s what ESX/ESXi is for. Second, there are certain tweaks you need to apply to FreeBSD to get it running well under ESX.

    All the build servers for pfSense run on a dual socket quad core Xeon server running the free ESXi. They do build marginally slower than on the raw hardware, but perform very well, and the benefits of being able to run multiple segregated build servers simultaneously more than makes up for it.

    Some of our production hosting servers are FreeBSD and OpenBSD running under another ESXi server. The majority is on a dedicated FreeBSD server with jails though, that will be slightly better performance than anything virtualized.