Much like this but for NetBSD

NetBSD now has a Projects Blog and a Twitter account.  I’m not taking credit for the idea, but I do note a definite similarity between that and the DragonFly Digest, to which I say: quick, someone do this for FreeBSD and/or OpenBSD!  More attention to all the BSD work being done is positive.

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3 Comments on Much like this but for NetBSD


  1. James says:

    I would say OpenBSD has had this for years in the form of what was and what is now!

  2. adamo says:

    I think does this for OpenBSD.

  3. Yeah, does, but there isn’t that much traffic on it. I like to see daily info, if you can’t tell from my schedule here. To qualify that: does a good job and I’ve been reading it for years, but I bet there’s more news and events possible to post.