qemu and kqemu work

Naoya Sugioka has some preliminary patches for kqemu on DragonFly.  In testing, he found it made qemu run slower, which is the opposite of its purpose, so he’d appreciate suggestions.

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2 Comments on qemu and kqemu work


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Justin,

    Thanks your interest for my kqemu patch.
    As I posted again, I updated my patches for kqemu (kqemu-dragonfly.c), but still
    it does not give us any performance benefit.

    I really appreciate your effort to the DFly community. thank you.
    Naoya Sugioka

  2. naoya says:

    Hello again,

    As I posted recently, kqemu start working!

    Please share you experience and points where we should improve.

    thank you,