Think before you buy

It might be time to stop buying Apple audio products, as the company is deliberately picking physical incompatibility to force upgrades.

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3 Comments on Think before you buy


  1. r3tex says:

    Apple products are too trendy now.
    They don’t come across as sophisticated, just “meee too! shiny shiny!”
    Too bad, because some stuff would be ok if it weren’t for that :P

  2. And there’s not many companies these days that have a clear design aesthetic to how their products are designed, as an alternative. For laptops: Sony’s adrift, IBM’s out of the consumer hardware business, and Dell has been crappy for so long… For phone and/or music players (same thing, almost), there’s Blackberry or maybe almost Palm, and that’s it. The markets have gotten somewhat entrenched again.

  3. Samh says:

    r3tex, I can tell you think Apple’s stuff looks really sophisticated so I’ll sell you my iPod, it’s so old you won’t look like you’re jumping on the bandwagon ;O)