Badges for you

I’ve updated the images page on the DragonFly site.  It now has some added wallpaper and DragonFly badges for you to use as needed, and it’s all thumbnailed to make it easier to browse.

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3 Comments on Badges for you


  1. jspringe says:

    Great work on the site!
    You misspelled LWKT in the description of the badge :).
    Ah and I remember that there was a svg like file of the logo on the old page, wasn’t there ? If so, would it be possible to bring that one up again ?

  2. Michel S. says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, the new GUI ISO uses yet another wallpaper image that’s not in the page you linked?

  3. justin says:

    It’s one of the ones Peter Avalos took, I think, and I don’t have any copies of them to add.