6 Replies to “pcc, again”

  1. Well, it compiles (checked from CVS). I’ll try compiling something with it if I can.

  2. Well, the current Lua tarball (something that is really portable) compiles with it, and seems to eat lua files as it should. However, I am no Makefile guru so somebody with actual knowledge should testi it instead.

  3. BTW buildworld would be the good thing indeed because a) dropping GCC would make the source tree significantly smaller (and less GPL FWIW), b) pkgsrc would build GCC for us anyway (since many packages’ codes are full of GCCisms) but the maintenance burden would be a bit less on the handful of DF developers.

  4. Have you heard of Clang? It’s a new front-end for C/C++/Obj-C that’s being worked on for LLVM which will be license compatible with DFBSD.

  5. Oh I meant to say that they are working towards it being GCC compatible.

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