No post.  Very busy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you playing these games?
    Don’t you play rogue like games?
    Oh, I also found a nice game: Space Rangers 2
    It has a bit from all genres.

    and.. I was hoping for BSD news! ;)

  2. justin says:

    Well, yeah, I’ve played more Angband than I care to admit, but that’s not all.

    I’ve also got the DragonFly LiveCD to check out and I received a number of small press comics in the mail – my cup runneth over.

  3. whoops, the last post was from me (cleared cookies).

    You made a rogue like lover out of me, so that’s why these links looked strange to me. And feel free to post much more such blog entries, I think we like similar games! :)