ath9k driver released

Gergo Szakal noticed that there is now ath9k, an official open source driver for Atheros 802.11n wireless chipsets. (‘Sunnz’ pointed out it’s still not as open as people would like.)  There is an existing community-built ath(4) driver.

Edit: Gergo Szakal pointed out ath(4) is 802.11b/g and ath9k is 802.11n, so it’s not a direct overlap.  Thanks, Gergo.

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3 Comments on ath9k driver released


  1. Gergo Szakal says:

    ath(4) is for 802.11b/g while ath9k is for 802.11n so they are for different groups of cards.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What not as open as you would like? Are you kidding me? Hah.

  3. Read carefully, anonymous poster from an IP: it’s not me raising issues about how open it is; it’s a link to an OpenBSD mailing list, where raising such an issue is not at all surprising.