One month pkgsrcCon window

pkgsrcCon 5, in Berlin, Germany, June 13 – 15, is less than one month away from closing registration. Register now if you want to attend (since the hosting university does not allow walk-ins). If you want to present, your deadline is slightly earlier, on May 25th.

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1 Comment on One month pkgsrcCon window


  1. Joe "Floid" Kanowitz says:

    Well, I’m typing this from elinks while I try to clean up a bit of a pkg_mess I got into a few weeks ago — someone mind proposing a “force_update” or “force_depends” target for those times the db believes satisfactory dependencies are installed but reality may be “otherwise?” (In particular, backing off from trying a too-recent tree can create some interesting conflicts when ‘satisfactory’ dependencies are too new for the stable tree’s packages.) Or does this actually exist and I’m a loon? :}