HAMMER update for 02/10

Matthew Dillon posted another HAMMER summary. This one details the great success he has had simplifying his strategy.  Here’s some details on what didn’t work, for the curious.

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4 Comments on HAMMER update for 02/10


  1. mgb says:

    I was an eager reader of all news from dflybsd for quite some time.
    I used your log here frequently. but for some time I have lost touch due to realworld(tm) things that had to be done and laziness :)
    But now i am slowly coming backaround and I can really see you guys have not been standing still while i was gone :)
    I was wondering if there was some sort of over all roadmap to the project.
    I would like to know what goals (http://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/goals.shtml) have been accomplished and how the status of the ones that has not.
    Are there anyplace I can get this information?
    Also I would like to thank you for keeping up with this log. Its a wast source of wonderful information. Thanks

  2. justin says:

    http://www.dragonflybsd.org/status/diary.shtml is a good place to start; it should be updated more after the upcoming release.

  3. mgb says:

    Thanks Justin.
    I already read through this page. With all the development going into dfly august 07 seems a long time ago. But I will patiently follow this site and let Matt and all you other guys do your margic :)

  4. justin says:

    It usually gets updated at the time of each release, so it should have something new by the end of the month when 1.12 arrives.