Nix pcidevs, usbdevs

Hasso Tepper wants to get rid of the pcidevs and usbdevs files, as the effort of maintaining them appears to outweigh the benefits.  So far, most people agree.

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1 Comment on Nix pcidevs, usbdevs


  1. Joe "Floid" Kanowitz says:

    Hmm. This is a stupid thought (and one that I should be directing to the list), but… What if you split the difference, gradually attempted to enforce style on drivers to include declarations in an “id.h”, then scraped the id.h files to compile the list of supported devices, names, comments, *and* the name of the actual driver?

    You could then stub out a ‘unsupported/id.h’ somewhere to make it very obvious what hardware is known about but not supported.

    Then the index files would be both automatically generated and useful documentation for humans (as they already can be, if you’re trying to figure out how many different devices might have been sold as the ‘Ciscgear MagicWidgetStick,’ say).