GCC alternatives

pcc has been added to NetBSD (via pkgsrc) and OpenBSD, and Steve Mynott has been messing with it on DragonFly. It doesn’t work as a replacement for GCC, but it looks promising. There are other alternatives in progress, too.

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5 Comments on GCC alternatives


  1. Nat says:

    There is also nwcc, though not hugely impressive, it’s out there too. On sourceforge.

  2. hubertf says:

    PCC was added _only_ to pkgsrc, not to NetBSD(‘s base).

    – Hubert

  3. Nat says:

    Duh, it says NetBSD (pkgsrc), are you blind Hubey?

  4. justin says:

    I edited it to say “via pkgsrc”, just to be more clear.

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