What? On a MacBook?

YONETANI Tomokazu reports that DragonFly will boot on his Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro, though Daniel Tralamazza reports it won’t boot on his 1st generation MacBook Pro. I didn’t know this was possible…

Update: Darn.

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2 Comments on What? On a MacBook?


  1. Ryukzak Neskazov says:

    And can’t boot from CD on macbook 1.1 (core duo GHz)

  2. Zoltán says:

    I can load DFly from disk on my Macbook 5.1 (late 2008, core 2 duo), and I could install it (in a dual-boot way, manully massing with MBR and GPT), but I from disk, the boot stack at a point. But I had the same issue with FreeBSD. But probably it is possible.