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Seen linked on Blue’s News: Kahvipapu articles on Linux gaming with first person shooters, and strategy games parts one and two.  There’s more sections promised, and it covers some games I’ve never heard of.

I link it here because some subsection of these games run on DragonFly; they can be found in pkgsrc or may compile directly.  DragonFly’s biggest hurdle for many games is the lack of 3D support through DRI.  Now that we have modular xorg, it’s probably not too complex a project.  Admittedly, I’d mostly be using it for fancy screensavers, but it’s still a project I’d like to see.

If someone wanted to fill a niche site need, there’s no site that exists for BSD games.  Admittedly, it’s a subset of a relatively small audience, with a limited quantity of games, but that just means that such a site could be built with sheer willpower, rather than funding.   Kind of like this one!

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  1. Linux and Games this sound funs. Is seems that the linux platform is extending more and more

  2. Now one should write a wrapper that allows for using FreeBSD nvidia drivers… and go ahead, 3D DragonFly desktop! :-)

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