pbulk initial results

Joerg Sonnenberger has posted the results of his new pbulk system, for bulk builds of pkgsrc, on the tech-pkg@netbsd.org mailing list.   His test bed is building DragonFly, so the results show just how many packages build on DragonFly.  The report comes in text and graphical (warning: big!) versions too.

An interesting corollary to this, from reading the reports, is that out of 7,213 packages in pkgsrc, only 167 actually fail to build on DragonFly – that’s only 2% broken.  There are other packages that fail due to dependencies on those broken packages, but it’s still a remarkably good percentage.

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4 Comments on pbulk initial results


  1. Gergo Szakal says:

    pkgsrc-box.org times out for me. :(

  2. Darn. It was fine when I posted this earlier today. It’ll probably recover soon.

  3. Joerg Sonnenberger says:

    Yeah, sorry. Server crashed and I just had the old phone number of my ISP :)

  4. […] new pbulk system just as the computer hosting it went down.  It’s back up, so, go back to the original entry if you missed the original output from that bulk build. Categories pkgsrc «Comments […]