Faster, newer pf

Apparently pf has some significant speedups; updating the DragonFly version would have a nice benefit at this point.  (seen on Undeadly and by _hasso_ on #dragonflybsd)

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3 Comments on Faster, newer pf


  1. Gergo Szakal says:

    Nice. Although the pf version in DF lacks more features, as max-src-conn-rate (helps blocking trojaned machines), set skip rule, etc

  2. Jörg Sonnenberger says:

    This doesn’t change anything for DragonFly. We have been doing that for ages (I changed this) and I suggested Henning to do the same in OpenBSD. But well…

  3. TGEN says:

    Looks like he credited you just fine (note the sarcasm ;)).