Firewall review

OnLAMP/BSD has a new article up comparing a few firewalls.  It only mentions “OpenBSD” as a software firewall, though what it’s really talking about is PF, which DragonFly also uses.

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4 Comments on Firewall review


  1. Nat says:

    No, it’s talking OpenBSD, OpenBSD 3.8 in fact. The functionality of the operating system is a part of the review as well as the documentation of OpenBSD. While much of what is in OpenBSD is in DragonFly BSD, it’s not the same, not even the pf versions. And the documentation is definately different between the two systems.

  2. justin says:

    I don’t think you’ve split the hair into enough pieces yet. Keep going!

  3. Gergo Szakal says:

    Hehe, it is not wise to construct a sentence containing functionality and openbsd. :-P

  4. Gergo Szakal says:

    BTW that review is crap: they are reviewing OBSD 3.8 which is already unsupported.