Setting up sharing on KDE

I did not realize this, but if you want to browse SMB shares using KDE, KDE has to be compiled explicitly with support for it. The message linked happens to cover ‘show-options’, a handy pkgsrc option.

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1 Comment on Setting up sharing on KDE


  1. Den says:

    Hi! I want to upgrade my current installation of KDE to the most current version (3.5.5), but the computer it’s going on only has dialup access, and obviously it would take an EXTREMELY long time to get all of the necessary components.

    I have decided to attempt to install the program manually, downloading the pieces I need onto my laptop, then transferring them over to my XP machine and copying them to the Suse 10.0 installation, which can read NTFS partitions. yes, it sounds kinda Rube Goldberg-ish, but the laptop has wireless access, but no CD/DVD burner.

    Anyways, what components are required to do just a bare-bones install? Thank you)