UnixReview.com: Security+, frameworks

This week on UnixReview.com: Security+ test review, plus examples, and a look at CherryPy, a Python framework.  (Programming frameworks are all the rage lately, what with Ruby on Rails defining an otherwise nearly-unused language.)

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3 Comments on UnixReview.com: Security+, frameworks


  1. Jonathon says:

    Speaking of Ruby being nearly unused, it makes me glad we no longer need an entire Ruby system just to keep ports in decent shape.

  2. www says:

    When you talk about Ruby “being nearly unused” it feels like when the Linux folks are repeating all around that BSDs are already dead. :) Different people, different needs (and everything is about the right instruments, dude). ;-)

  3. lennard says:

    Hm, nearly unused, really?
    Do you ever been in Europe or Japan?