RAIDFrame – any takers?

‘elekktretterr’ posted a note asking if anyone intended to add RAIDFrame, a software RAID utility, to DragonFly. It’s already been brought to FreeBSD and NetBSD.

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5 Comments on RAIDFrame – any takers?


  1. Joseph Garcia says:

    Okay, I guess this would be the age old question, but “What’s the major difference between RAIDframe and Vinum and why would one choose RAIDframe over Vinum or vice-versa?”

    Honestly, I havne’t used either. Why? Well, because I haven’t had two identical drives and because it doesn’t seem like you can create an “array” upon installation.

    Besides, a lot of motherboards these days support basic RAID. I haven’t even tried that to be honest. The only RAID I’ve fooled around with is the hardware RAID on my ML370 and DL360 servers at work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    well you don’t really need two identical drives…

    anyway, I don’t think it’s worth porting because ZFS has similar features

  3. Joerg Sonnenberger says:

    First of all, ZFS is not really related to this debatte.

    Second Vinum is a volume manager which also offers (somewhat poor) support for RAID.

    Third “basic” support for RAID on motherboards and have of all so-called “RAID controllers” just leave everything to the OS aka software RAID. They are generally not better than RAIDframe.

  4. Freddie Cash says:

    RAIDframe is now dead in FreeBSD 6+. GEOM-based solutions have taken its place (gmirror, graid3, soon-to-come graid5, gstripe, gjournal, ggate, etc). Development on RAIDframe died in the early 5.x days, as nobody wanted to GEOM-ify it.

    It lives on in FreeBSD 4.x, and I believe NetBSD still uses it.