Got spare money?

David Rhodus brought up the idea of bounties for DragonFly. Would you pay money for certain one-off programming projects?

Update: Matthew Dillon doesn’t care for it, which makes it unlikely to happen.

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2 Comments on Got spare money?


  1. Lazarus says:

    The only way to find out is to try it; I don’t see anyone having anything to loose…

    I’m sure that all of you DF guys are busy, and any extra money going your way could only be a good thing…

    I wouldn’t mind chipping in some cash now and then to fund people to work on documentation or getting DF friendly changes to pkgsrc integrated upstream…

    Maybe some sort of paypal setup, I dunno…

  2. Joe "Floid" Kanowitz says:

    While I’m not sure if this is an expression of distaste for bounties in general, Matt surely has a point that *the project* shouldn’t take on the responsibility of organizing them (and wasting time with the resultant cash-flow and escrow issues, etc).

    Now, if *anyone else* wants to go contract for DragonFly code, or set up a site/project devoted to rewarding developers, it’s not like anyone can stop that, either.