pkgsrc-wip available

If you have an account on, the pkgsrc-wip code is available at /archive/NetBSD-pkgsrc/wip or /usr/pkgsrc/wip. (softlink)

pkgsrc-wip, as I understand it – see comments, is the current version of pkgsrc. pkgsrc is normally released with new versions on a quarterly basis; following pkgsrc-wip gets the Work In Progress version. Less stable, more up to date.

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3 Comments on pkgsrc-wip available


  1. Joerg Sonnenberger says:

    Nope. pkgsrc-wip is more like a playground for new package maintainers, unstable packages or stuff which can’t for be imported due to license reasons. That’s why it is work-in-progress :-)

  2. Does the work in pkgsrc-wip get brought into the pkgsrc quarterly releases?

    My impression was that -wip was where the unstable work happened, while the quarterly releases was where the pkg went once it was deemed stable/ready.

  3. Tracy Di Marco White says:

    pkgsrc-wip packages may or may not be brought into the pkgsrc quarterly releases, there is no formal process to do so. pkgsrc-current is the development ground for pkgsrc’s quarterly releases, and from time to time packages from pkgsrc-wip are pulled into pkgsrc-current.