New look for FreeBSD

Emily Boyd’s Google Summer of Code project (of which FreeBSD had several) has paid off in the form of a nice site redesign for (She’s apparently also worked on the postgresql .org site.)

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6 Comments on New look for FreeBSD


  1. Lazarus says:

    Good Gawd that new site is ugly. You like that?! Yuck ;^)

  2. Joseph says:

    I kinda like it (sort of). It’s at least an improvement. I think what I like about it the most is the large Beastie character in the middle.

    Although, now that I sit and stare at it. Perhaps it (the mascot) should be on the left with the description of FreeBSD alot bigger and easier to read towards the middle.

    Hmmmm, and perhaps the “Get FreeBSD Now” button should be smaller and over the “New to FreeBSD?” button. Also, the “shorcuts” can go and be replaced with the “Latest Releases” list.

    Another thing I notice is that the site does nothing. There’s no menus or anything. Perhaps that’s done on purpose to be tex-browser friendly.

    Talking about text browsers. I wonder how it looks in lynx, although links or elinks is way better (IMHO) since it displays tables.

    Anyway, all the crap I just spewed is just my opinion which probably doesn’t mean jack since web site preference is highly subjective.

  3. Lazarus says:

    LOL. The way I see it, if you don’t wanna know what other people’s opinions are, don’t read public forums. It makes things more interesting than generic news sites IMOWPDMJ ;^)

  4. benjiprice says:

    I assumed that they we going to launch FreeBSD 6, the new website and the new logo, at the same time.

  5. j says:

    I certainly like it more than what they had before. It’s mostly cosmetic, so the actual site logical layout isn’t changed.

  6. Mark Linimon says:

    IIUC the original idea was to launch all 3 at the same time, but it was becoming too complicated to keep all 3 things in sync.