Historical BSD/Unix book

A conversation about BSD architecture books led to “Basic Kernel Source Code Secrets” by Lynne and Bill Jolitz, who also penned a series of articles on porting Unix (what we now call BSD, of course) to the 386. These articles came out around the same time Linus Torvalds started his little project…

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3 Comments on Historical BSD/Unix book


  1. Harmen Dijkstra says:

    I don’t have anything particularly related to this to say, but I just want to show some gratitude for creating and maintaining this site.



  2. aloph says:

    this book is a must!
    i’ve bought volume 1 an year ago and that’s a very
    nice introduction to the first days of all BSD systems.
    i really recommend it.

  3. Lynne Jolitz says:

    Thanks – glad you liked it. We greatly enjoyed doing 386BSD, articles, and books.

    PS. Our son plays with DragonFly on his system sometimes.