Big changes coming in CURRENT

Matthew Dillon sent out a large warning. Here’s a summation:

* The Preview tag has been slipped.
* All bug fixes made since 1.2.0 was released will be added to that release branch.
* Unless you want to deal with major breakage, stick with the 1.2.0 Release or the -WORKING code; the CURRENT code will have severe modifications going on, including libc revisions.
* Upgrading from FreeBSD-4.x will break! Updating to DragonFly 1.2.0 and then to a more recent version of DragonFly will be the only way.

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2 Comments on Big changes coming in CURRENT


  1. Erik Wikström says:

    It’s -Preview not -WORKING

  2. Justin C. Sherrill says:

    Preview is the old name – working will be the new one: