FAQ in Spanish

Guillermo Garcia Rojas is looking to translate the DragonFly FAQ into Spanish; if you have a reasonable command of Spanish and English, take a look at his Wiki version and contribute.

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2 Comments on FAQ in Spanish


  1. Joe "Floid" Kanowitz says:

    I’m not sure how much I trust my high-school Spanish, but Babelfish would appear to do quite well with the content, finding idioms like “un VFS en ejecucio’n roscado” … which I can only assume might be correct. (Don’t ask me about the apostrophe, of course; it rendered every other accent correctly.)

    I can’t find an AUP for the service, but if there aren’t legal concerns, smells like an obvious shortcut?

  2. RaD|Tz says:

    Don’t take care about that, I will edit it if something is incorrect, or somebody else. That’s the goal. :)