DragonFly case badge

Joerg Anslik sent along a note that dreamsticker.de took a supplied image and turned it into a 2.5 sq.cm case badge for him.

Joerg Anslik wrote: “Just order “3D-Wunschsticker” (5 is minimum) and send him a 300 dpi picture (or whatever) in a separate mail refering to the order number
you’ll receive.”

This should work for any Germany residents; the dreamsticker.de is in German so I can’t identify if they ship outside of the country.

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5 Comments on DragonFly case badge


  1. B. Müller says:

    They don’t mention it at their site, if they are shipping out of Germany and Austria.
    I asked them about it by the contact-formular, lets see what they answer. :)

  2. Jörg Anslik says:

    The guy from dreamsticker.de just informed me that he will make the DFly-Badge available in his shop, so there’s no need to send him the logo.

    This also means there’ll be no minimum of 5 stickers per order; you can buy only one if this is the amount which perfectly meets your financial situation.

    Additionally, he said shipping to other countries than Germany and Austria is no problem.

  3. jf says:

    hey, the links to the pics don’t work anymore. Any updated links?

  4. Justin Sherrill says:

    I fixed the links; they broke when this story went into the archives.